First Day of Kindergarten

Noah’s First Day of Kindergarten: Today Noah starts his first day of school. Today Noah is going to kindergarten. He is all dressed and ready to start school, make friends and meet his new teachers. Noah is showing off his new school clothes and his new Batman watch.

All ready to start school. He has a brand new Minion backpack for all of his homework he will bring home. In the video, Noah shows a little shop kin from McDonald’s and puts it in his top pocket.

Let’s hope he enjoys his day at school and meets some new friends that he can get along with and has some fun. I hope he can get to like his teacher and the treacher’s assistant.

We are just waiting how Noah will explain his fist day at kindergarten, will he like it or will he not like it. Will he make some friends, and if so how many do you think?

Watch this video to see how excited he is to start school for the first time, and how good he looked for his first day at school.

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