UFO Experience Odysea Aquarium Scottsdale Arizona

Today we went to the Alien experience in the odyssey aquarium located in Scottsdale Arizona. In this exhibit, they had many alien items on the display, you can even see them up close. You can even see aliens from movies like the Terminator and the movie Aliens.

Come take a look at all the cool things they have as an attraction at the Odysea Aquarium in Scottsdale Arizona. Do you believe in Aliens? Come and watch to see if they are real. UFO Experience The Truth is Out There Exhibit Odysea.

UFO Experience Odysea Aquarium

UFO Experience is an out-of-this-world, family-friendly exhibition based on the widespread interest in UFOs and alien lifeforms. It includes more than 200 alien artifacts, films, recordings, conceptual models, and interactive experiences and is one of the world’s most comprehensive exhibitions exploring reports of UFOs, alien abductions, and encounters with extraterrestrials.

A family-friendly exhibit that delves into the history and allure of UFOs and other unearthly life will touch down at the Arizona Boardwalk, If you love science-fiction, are someone who embraces the idea of life on other planets, or even the biggest skeptic of other-worldly beings, this attraction is for you.

Alien UFO

Your interactive journey starts with a short film that sets the stage for the rest of your visit. Wander through multiple galleries that explore topics such as galactic travel & propulsion, the military’s role in modern sightings, famous abductions, and evidence of ancient aliens. Then try your hand at an “alien hunter” laser shooting game followed by traveling through your own “white light” experience.

he attraction is full of tales of abductions, possible evidence of human-alien contact, and in-depth accounts of some of the most famous unexplained phenomena like Roswell and the Phoenix Lights. Watch videos and listen to recordings of famous sightings worldwide including government documents, military footage, and real 911 calls placed by people convinced they just spotted a UFO.

Plus, no other entity embraces sci-fi and conspiracy theories like Hollywood and UFO Experience’s Pop Culture gallery brings you face-to-face with replica props from tinsel-town’s most memorable space alien productions like ETAlien, and Men in Black


Alein Exhibit

A showcase of a simulation of an alien abduction, what role the military has played in modern sightings, pop culture props, and interactive elements, among many features.

If you ever find yourself in Scottsdale Arizona, you might want to come to the Odysea Aquarium to check out the UFO Exhibit, then you can make the decision if you really believe that life exists outside our universe, and if Aliens really do exists in our galaxy. Either way, you will love seeing this attraction, and all the great displays they have.

Appealing to those who believe in UFOs and aliens as well as skeptics, UFO Experience explores both the human side and the science fiction side of extraterrestrial encounters and UFOs.

Do You Believe? The Truth Is Out There… Come Pick Up Your Tickets.

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Alien Experience


Visit any day of the week and any time of day, No advanced reservation is required. Children under 24 months are FREE!


10 am – 6 pm every day.
Last Entry 45 minutes prior to closing.


Phone Number



[email protected]


Located at Arizona Boardwalk
9500 E. Via de Ventura, Suite E250
Scottsdale, AZ 85256

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