Candy Crush Saga Birthday Cake

Candy Crush Saga: Birthday Cake

Candy Crush Saga Birthday Cake


Candy Crush Saga: Today we celebrated Noah’s 5th birthday with a homemade candy crush cake. today I made a candy crush birthday cake out of homemade fondant.

The fondant was made using marshmallows. I used three bags of marshmallows, then  I put them in the microwave for 20 seconds to melt the marshmallows. Once they melted, I added food color to make different color fondant. For the white fondant, I did not add food color to the marshmallows.

I then used regular cake mix to make the cake, I used frosting to coat the cake so the fondant will stay on the cake. Then I added the fondant to the cake and I started decorating the cake for Noah to eat. Noah just loved this birthday cake.

Once this cake was finished and Noah blew out the candles, the cake was really yummy. The filling inside the cake tasted like the store made cakes.

Watch the video to see how much he loved his cake.

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