Arizona Speedway Sprint Car Race Track

Arizona speedway is a big race track that features sprint cars, Micro mini’s with Winged micro race cars. This was my first time at the race track, all I can say is that I love seeing the cars speeding around the track at full speed.

Arizona Speedway

Arizona Speedway high gear getting ready for the Steffey Shootout at Arizona Speedway featuring the ASCS CAS Sprint Cars and the Power 600 Series Micros Outlaws, A Class and Restricted. IMCA Modifieds, Sport Mods, Sprints, Micros, Pure Stocks, and Bombers.

Arizona Speedway Sprint & Micro Mini Cars

When I was watching the cars race around the track, there was a driver names Brody Roa who was in the #8 car came up to me and introduced himself to me, I even was able to take a picture of him.

Spriny Car Racer

After a few races, I got to meet another driver named  who was in the black car #3. This driver was always in the second or third place in the race.

Arizona Speedway Race Track

After the races were finished, I got to go back in the pit to meet more drivers and see the sprint and mini micro cars behind the scene.

Arizona Speedway

Going to the races was super fun, I have gone the next day to see if the drivers who came to meet with me would win. My favorite drivers won second and third place in the race.

Brody Roa

After the race, I went to the pit to spend time with the drivers, I was able to get a signed autograph from the two drivers I took pictures with the night before.

Tye Mihocko

I can not wait to go to the races again, which will be in March. Hopefully I will get to meet more drivers to add to my pictures.

First Night at Arizona Speedway

Second Night at Arizona Speedway

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