Best Homemade Easter Basket

Today is Easter, Noah is opening up his Easter basket that was homemade. Nana is also helping Noah and enjoying the fun. Both Noah and Nana opened the bag which is full of treats and is much better than the store bought ones.

Homemade Easter Basket

Why purchase an Easter basket that doesn’t have many toys in it, when you can make your own and works out so much cheaper and get toys of our choice. You can see all the toys that are in the basket, all for under $20 that is also including the basket and the plastic wrap. Watch as Noah opens his basket and sees all the candy and toys that are in the basket. In the basket, we have toys and teddy bears, glasses and minions treat with a candy gun, and with mini eggs and so much more.

Homemade Easter Basket DIY

There are many different ideas on the internet to make different Homemade Easter Baskets, most of them are money saving diy’s. You can always go to your .99 cent store to add more toys to the basket.

Watch the video below for more information[

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