Bouncy House Castles Theme Park

Here is a store that has many bouncy house castles to jump on, I got to jump on all of them. The store is located in the Arizona Mills mall just outside the city of Phoenix. We happened to walk by the store as we went to the mall for a few things, it was a good thing we had seen this play store.

About The Bouncy House Castle Park

There was a new owner who had opened a theme park inside the mall next to the back side of the Arizona Mills mall, they added several different bouncy houses for the children to jump and play in. You did need to pay a fee, but it was fairly cheap, you could jump for an hour on all the houses for only five dollars, and you also needed to buy socks if your child did not have any on. The socks were two dollars and you got to keep them.

My Experience at The Theme Park

I had so much fun, I bounced on the houses several times until I got so tired that I wanted to go. I was glad my mom let me go and play, I liked the castle which was like a maze. That bouncy castle had many different things to walk around to get out of it.

You can check out my video to see how much fun I had playing in all the bouncy castles.

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