Playtime At The Park

PlayTime At The Park

Playtime At The Park


Playtime At The Park: After coming home from work, I decided to take Noah to the park to burn off a bit of energy at the park. Our house is just across the block from the park, so we decided to take a walk to the park, and our cats followed us to have a bit of fun too.

First, Noah ran down the walkway to get to the park, once we got to the park, Noah went up the stairs and down the slide.

Noah then made way to the swings where he swings on his tummy, as the swing was a bit too high up for him to reach and did not want to sit on the seat.

Watch as Noah was having so much fun at the park. He played with all the gym. Next time, we will do it in the daytime for the lighting will be much better.

The video will show you how much fun Noah had and what this park had to offer for fun.

Even the cats were having a bit of fun at the park, they were playing in the sand, then in the grass.

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