Arizona Cactus Garden Museum With Treasures

Arizona Cactus Garden Museum is a super fun place to go if you are looking to see many different cactuses and to see all the treasures from the past history. There was so much cool stuff that was in the museum to see. I have been here before, the last time I was here was almost two years ago. My first time at this museum, was super fun and I got to see a loads of cactus for the first time.

Cactus Museum In Arizona

The cactus garden has a great museum that has artifacts from the past from the old time stove that look liked it was used in the 1700s, its super old but cool looking. They also had an old Cigarette machine that looks to be from the 80s. The very best part was seeing the buffalo and the deer head on the wall, I got to feel the real hair of them. The bobcat loos so cool, it looked like a house cat, it felt really soft.

Arizona’s Cactus Gardens

In the whole state of Arizona, they have several cactus gardens to go visit. The other one we have to visit is called the Desert Botanical Garden this place has many different looking cactus. Think the desert is all dirt and tumbleweeds? Think again. Desert Botanical Garden is home to thousands of species of cactus, trees and flowers from all around the world spread across 55 acres in Phoenix, Arizona. If you are interested in visiting this cactus garden, you can book your trip on their website

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