Happy 7th Birthday Noah

Happy 7th Birthday Noah: Today is Noah’s 7th birthday, we are celebrating his birthday Spongebob way. We ordered his birthday cake (Spongebob) because Noah loves Spongebob.

Before picking up his birthday cake, we needed to pick up a few party items such as a party table cover, some balloons, and other party items.

Cake Time!

Now! that we have finished picking up the party items, its time to pick up the birthday cake. The store we placed the order of the Spongebob cake is Frys, that is the main store for Arizona. Frys make really good birthday cakes.

Spongebob Cake

Party Time!

Now it is time to sing happy birthday to Noah, everybody sings the birthday song, now its time for him to make a wish and blow out his candle.

Gift Time!

This year Noah has received a Camera, Google Home Hub, and a few other items. To see what else Noah received for his birthday, take a look at the video, we don’t want to spoil the fun of the surprise.

Happy Birthday

Video Time!

If you are interested in seeing how fun Noah had on his 7th Birthday, come and take a look at the video below. Come join the fun and accompany Noah on his birthday.

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