My First Fish Tank

My First Fish Tank: Today I went to Petco to look at a few pets just for fun when I came across a nice little fish tank that was on sale for sixteen dollars, normally thirty-one dollars.

How Did We Get A Tank

My mom decided to pick up a tank for my bedroom, so I can sleep better with a nightlight. After we picked up the tank, we went to the section in the store that had the tank gravel and the decorations.

After picking up the stuff for the tank, we headed to the section that had the fish. In with all the fishes, there were a few different “Glow Fishes”

The “Glow Fish” glow with the black light that came with the three and a half-gallon tank. These fishes glow very brightly under the black light.

Come and take a look at my video to see how nice this look and how cool it is to see glowing pets. Click on the video to see my full product review. Make sure to subscribe to notifications on my website, to stay updated on my new toy review, adventures, dentist visits to my gaming videos.

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3.5 Gallon Tank

Tank Gravel

Glo Fish

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