Making Easter Cookies Review

Making Easter Cookies Review

Making Easter Cookies Review: Today for easter Noah and his nana wanted to decorate some Easter cookies. There are different designs, including a church, cross, house and a sheep.

They both decorate each cookie with some candy. Nana was showing Noah how to decorate the cookies, she makes the first few cookies so Noah can learn how to decorate the cookies.

First, they start decorating the house cookie with some frosting covering the door and windows, then they add a doorknob with a blue topping. At the top, they add a yellow star to make the house look nice.

As you can see in the video, he was more interested in eating the toppings instead of decorating the cookies. After all the decorations have been put on, the cookies looked really good, and they taste very good too.

Making Easter Cookies Video can be seen below, come check it out to see how much fun I had making them.[

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