Sesame Street The Get Healthy Now Show (Spanish)



SESAME STREET THE GET HEALTHY NOW SHOW: is a special resource video and produced by Sesame Workshop.

In the video, Elmo, Telly Monster, and Rosita brought a variety show promoting healthy eating and lifestyle and exercise.

First part of the scene

Problems arrive when the special guest performer the Big Tomato has not shown up.
replacement acts include the Fruit and Veggie Five, Rosita’s “Sometimes, Anytime Food Game,”
and Count von Count and a group of Anything Muppets is showing a good way to maintain a healthy heart.

The big finale

The monsters are wearing costumes for the big finale, Elmo dresses as broccoli, Telly dresses as asparagus and Rosita dresses as a tortilla. The Big Tomato finally does arrive for the finale.

Dvd video

The video was given out to parents as nutritional value and to teach the kids how to stay healthy by promoting a more healthy lifestyle.

video can be seen here

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