Noah’s Christmas Day with the best wakeup call ever

Christmas Day 2016


Noah’s Christmas Day. Today we are celebrating Christmas, with the best wakeup call ever. I Woke up and went to Noah’s bedroom to wake him up to open up his Christmas presents. I walked into Noah’s bedroom, I shouted Merry Christ mac, Noah. After a few times, he wakes up saying “what mommy” several times. He was still asleep when he was saying “what mommy” That was priceless. After he woke up and had breakfast, I took him to the Christmas tree to open up his presents.

The first present he saw was a ninja turtle bike, he was trying to ride it when the paperwork got in-between the wheel of the bike. After playing with the bike, he opened a few more gifts then we go to his Christmas stocking to see what surprise he had in it.

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