Sea Life Arizona Aquarium

Sea Life Arizona Aquarium: Sea life-themed aquarium attraction has many different fishes. Sea Life center aims to combine modern display technology, biological expertise, and entertainment to provide themed journeys through European and tropical waters.

About The Aquarium

This often provides close encounters with sea life, from shrimps and starfish to seahorses, sharks, and stingrays. Sea Life Arizona is a 26,000 square foot interactive aquarium located at Arizona Mills in Tempe, Arizona. The aquarium contains thousands of aquatic creatures, plus interactive touch pools and a 360° ocean tunnel.

Sea Life Aquarium

About The Animals

Sea Life Arizona provides permanent homes for injured or disabled aquatic creatures who would have otherwise been killed or euthanized. In 2012 the facility became the home of an endangered green sea turtle named Ziva, which was placed in the Tempe aquarium’s 161,000-gallon display.

Sea Life aquariums worldwide breed many species of seahorse, which are at risk of extinction because of overfishing and trade. Some Sea Life facilities also have seahorse exhibits to educate visitors about the creatures and their threatened status.

My Experience

I had a great time at the Sea Life aquarium, I got to see lots of different fishes, sharks, and turtles. The fist tanks were very big and held lots of fishes. My favorite part of the whole day was seeing the sharks swimming overhead, and I got to see the stingrays from the bottom.

Looking at the stingrays from their bellies, they kind of look like a face, it looked like they were smiling from their belly.

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