Noah Sings Karaoke

Noah sings Karaoke

Noah Sings Karaoke: Noah loves to Sing Karaoke and listens to tons of different music. Today, He decided to sing his ABCs to help him learn the ABC from his classwork.

After singing his ABCs, he decided to sing his favorite singers song. “Too good at goodbye” by Sam Smith

When this song first came out, and we first heard it on the radio in the car he instantly liked it and is singing to it every day and night. There is not a day that when the song comes on the radio, tv or youtube that he will miss singing the song and even in the car he sings to it every time.

There are so many other songs that Noah likes to listen and sing too, but this song is his favorite by far.

Noah Sings Karaoke  

Every day, Noah listens to music so much that he knows all the words to the songs. Even while he is playing on the tablet he will have a youtube video playing listening to the tunes

Noah is a big Katy Perry fan, and sings all her songs to the ‘T,’ Noah,s favorite song from Katy Perry is the ‘Wide Awake’ On his next Karaoke video, he will be singing that song for you all to see how good he sings to that song.

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