FUNNIEST TALKING BIRDS COMPILATION: Today Noah decided to go and play outside with the two dogs and to ride his bike while it was beautiful outside and the sun was shining.

When Noah was outside playing as normal, he heard a bird that started to talk, Noah started to call out to the bird making bird sounds.

It was very funny the bird reacts to this and then you can hear them talk back in forth, first Noah would make some sounds, then the bird would make his sounds. This has been the first time that this has ever happened.

It was too cute hearing Noah communicating with the crow bird that was in the tree next door. This went on for about five minutes, I had to get my video camera to capture the event, as it was too cute for words.

After the end of the conversation, the bird flew away from the tree that he was in next-door. Noah continued to play outside after his brief conversation with the local bird.

If you want to see how cute it was, check out the video below. It will melt your heart and it was too cute.

Click the play on the video to see the full conversation with the bird.[

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