Halloween Pumpkin Decoration Challenge 

Halloween Pumpkin Decoration Challenge 


This month is the Halloween Pumpkin Decoration Challenge which is one of Noah’s favorite months out of the year, why you ask? because Noah gets to carve some pumpkins and get all dressed up in his favorite costume and we go out trick or treating for some candy.

Now it’s October, and time to carve some pumpkins for Halloween holiday. Today Noah and his great friend start to carve their pumpkins to get into the Halloween spirit.

Noah wanted to do a pumpkin challenge to see who can make the best pumpkin design. Noah picked SpongeBob to carve his pumpkin, and his good friend Christina decided to carve a witch into her pumpkin. Before carving their pumpkins, they need to clean all the seeds out of the pumpkins to get ready to start carving their pumpkins.

Now that the pumpkins have been cleaned, all seeds are out of the pumpkins, now it’s time to start carving the pumpkins.

It took a while to carve the pumpkins, Christina was able to complete the witch pumpkin, however, the sponge bob did not work out, so Noah ended up making a ghost pumpkin. It really turned out good, even though it was not SpongeBob. Next year we will try again to make a SpongeBob pumpkin

Click on the video below to see how the pumpkins turned out.


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