Noah Explaining His Owie

Noah Explaining His Owie 


Explaining His Owie: Today Noah was playing with his dogs, they were jumping on him so he fell on the ground and scraped his knee. Noah was talking to me telling me how he scraped his knee, so I decided to get my camera and record Noah talking about his owie.

Noah Explaining His Owie : His talk is too cute, he tells you that he needs to go see the doctor to fix up his knee, that he scraped it on the ground when he fell down from when the dogs jumped on him. Noah then babbles a bit about his cut, then he goes on about the doctor and his owie. Look how cute Noah is explaining his hurt leg.

Watch the video to see how cute he explain how he scraped his knee and that the dogs did it.

It is so cute how Noah explains his Owie, and that he needs to go see the doctor to fix up his cut on his leg. He is fine, but he just keeps Explaining His Owie saying his leg is really hurt and he needs to show his owie to the Doctor.

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