My Trip To The Cactus Garden

Arizona Cactus Garden: My Trip To The Cactus Garden – Today we took Noah to this cactus garden restaurant, where there were many different cactus and many different sizes.

Noah enjoyed looking at many different cactus, even the waterfall and the huge tree that was just right outside the restaurant.

At The Garden in Arizona

The waitress showed Noah that one tree that was there has no splinters, so he could touch it without getting poked. This one was funny as Noah stated he was scared to touch it, but eventually did touch it and said: “Thank You!”

There are many different gardens like this in the state of Arizona, and you can see the many different cactus, trees, and flowers in Arizona. When you go during the afternoon, you can have a magical experience with the sunset, and seeing nature.

Come take a look at how cool this place is and all the different shapes and sizes cactus this garden has.[

Arizona Cactus Garden


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