Return To Spirit Halloween: Pennywise Style

Return To Spirit Halloween: Pennywise Style


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Spirit Halloween

This time going to Spirit Halloween, there were tons of more decorations then before, The have added a few monsters to the store and have added more costumes to wear on Halloween.

As you can see in the video, the newest addition to Spirit Halloween was Pennywise from the newly released “It Chapter II”  This will have you on your toes and grabbing an arm from the fright.


There were a few extras that were super funny like the headless talking monster that talked back to Noah, asked him a few questions as he rolled his eyes asking Noah if he liked the color of his eyes and that he had candy for Noah.

Spooky Halloween

If you are interested in seeing what spooky scary new items have been added to Spirit Halloween, come check out my video. You might get scared and jump a bit.


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