My First Dentist Visit

My First Dentist Visit: Going for a Checkup


My First Dentist Visit: Noah was just needing cleaning and to have one of his tooth filled as he had some cavities in his far back tooth.

Checkup Time!

As we go in to get him prepped he had a mask of calming air for the doctor and nurse to perform the procedure without Noah moving around. As the mask sits on his face, he is becoming calm and getting ready for the doctor to come into the room.

What Happens Next!

When the doctor finally comes into the room, talks to Noah for a bit, then he starts to work on his teeth cleaning and removing any cavities. Towards the end, the doctor taps on Noah’s shoulder to get his attention, he then begins to sing or should I say blow like a trumpet to let it snow song.

 Famous Trumpet Sound:

You can hear the trumpet blowing, guessing it was some music playing on the radio, but in fact, it was the Dr making music with his mouth.


After Noah’s first dentist visit, he has very healthy teeth with no cavities and he was very happy to come back to have his teeth work on again. The Doctor and all the staff were all very friendly, and make the environment very pleasing to be in. I would definitely recommend this Dr’s office for all those little kids who need to a good dentist.

Watch the “My First Dentist Video” to hear how cute it sounded and to make it more Christmas feeling for Noah.

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