Chatting with neighbors

Today Noah was using his smartphone to talk to his best friend on the phone. Noah decided to record a video of him  Chatting with neighbors across the street. The funny part was when he was talking to the little girl and how she told him to come down to play with them.

He told her he did not want to come down, that he just wanted to keep recording them on camera. The bird in the video also wanted to get into the conversation, as you can see it flying near the camera while Noah was talking to the neighbor.

Watch as Noah talks to the kids, yes he was a bit young and learning how to talk, so his words are a bit jumbled. Some words you are able to understand. Watch the video to see how cute he was talking. This is a must-see video. If you liked this video, you can check out more video of Noah in action by visiting the home page of his website, there are different categories to choose from.

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