Going To The Dentist: My First Dentist Visit

Today I took Noah to visit the dentist for the first time. Noah went in for a cleaning and a screening, to see if he needed some work done. We met with a nurse that was super cool and was good with Noah. We went to the back room to get ready to see the dentist to check out his teeth. The Nurse gave Noah a pair of sunglasses to wear while he was sitting in the chair waiting for the doctor to come to check his teeth.

The Dentist came in and checked all Noah’s teeth, they were all fine except the very back molar tooth which had a small cavity. Besides the tiny cavity in the very back, Noah’s teeth were very healthy. The dentist told us he needs a fluoride cleaning and another appointment to get the tiny cavity fixed. As you can see in the video, the nurse assistant was cleaning Noah’s teeth with some fluoride paste to clean his teeth. Finally, after cleaning Noah’s teeth, he got a sticker for being such a great patient.


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