Today we took Noah to Chuck e Cheese to have some good old fun time. Watch as Noah plays tons of games and win lots of tickets. As you can see, Noah had tons of fun playing all the games. You can see he did a great job getting all the ducks in the hole in the water duck game.

The soccer game, Noah did so well that he received fifteen tickets almost gotten all the balls behind the catcher Homer Simpson. In the batman driving game, Noah was kicking butt while he was driving ok, he got hit a couple of times and his windshield broke a few times.

Noah loved driving the Batmobile game, catching the bad guys and working on catching joker.

Another game Noah loved was fishing for big fishes, he almost bought the shark. As you can see, he did a good job catching some fishes.

Come watch the video to see how much fun Noah had at Chuck e Cheese

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