Trampoline Flashlight Zone Review

The Bounce Pros Flashlight Zone can add a flash of color to your backyard. The Flashlight Zone easily attaches underneath the jump mat with bungee cords and clips and will light up the center of the trampoline so when the kids jump it will help them jump safely in the middle of the jump mat.This trampoline offers good quality and features and has a heavy-duty rust-resistant galvanized steel frame that offers a very strong product and will keep everyone safe.

Who is the Trampoline for

Bounce Pros Flashlight Zone is for all kids aged six years and up. It includes a jumping mat which is water-resistant and durable and heavy-duty. I purchased this trampoline online, it arrived in two different boxes. First, I opened package one and in the first box, it has all the legs and the bars to make the round circle. Then I opened the second box it had the enclosure that goes around the trampoline to keep the kids safe when jumping on the trampoline. You will also receive the spring puller even though it does not say it has it on the package contents


  • Very heavy-duty and rust-resistant galvanized steel frame for extra safety.
  • For long-lasting quality, it has a UV-resistant netting with zipper enclosure.
  • Patented Steelflex enclosure ring strengthens netting enclosure and eliminates net sagging.
  • Trampoline Includes a padded spring cover so it prevents contact with the springs.
  • Provides strength to the steel frame because it has a double welded plate leg welds.
  • The trampoline has a flashing zone center that provides safer jumping that will encourage kids to jump into the center.
  • Maximum weight capacity for this trampoline is up to 220 lbs




Noah has been wanting and asking for a trampoline for some time now so I decided to buy it for his birthday gift. We purchased this trampoline for him to burn off all the energy he has every day and because we live in the desert and there is nothing to do here, I thought this would be the perfect gift for him to play so he can have exercise while enjoying himself at the same time. While I was browsing and searching for online trampolines, I came across this particular trampoline that had a spotlight in the middle.

The spotlight is great and used when jumping on the trampoline at night, we are able to still have fun even at night when it is dark. The trampolines are built very well and even the parents can join in with the children to have some fun. My purchase has really helped Noah burn off some much-needed energy and I feel its a good alternative for him and has lots of fun while using it.

Putting the Trampoline together

It is easy to put the trampoline together and has clear and useful instructions but because the trampoline is a bit heavy, I would suggest you will need at least two people to do this. I had a friend here to help out but she had to leave shortly after then I had no choice but to do this by my self. The item and instructions are easy to follow but because of the weight, two people is best.


So after putting this 1 together and using it for the last few weeks now, I would most definitely recommend this trampoline. The trampoline was very cheap and seems to be built with high-quality parts. Noah’s using this daily and I think this is a great way for kids to exercise and have fun while doing it.

There are so many trampolines to choose from on the internet and I’m so pleased I made the right choice with this product. I also think this is a very good value for money and will keep the kids active and entertained. We would score the product with a score of 10 out of 10 because it is a good value for money very strong built and offers hours of fun for the kids and can even hold weights of up to 220 lbs so the parents can join in with the fun too.

Video Review 

Here you can watch the video below to see Noah unbox the trampoline and how he shows you what is inside both of the boxes. The first box includes the tools and the legs with springs and the trampoline pads. In the second box, he opens it has all the tools and utilities to build this. After some time, it is now done and is up and built. We decided to put in the backyard. On first impressions, this looks very nice and looks to be the right choice and seems to be a good well-sized trampoline.

Also In the video, we can see Noah playing and jumping on the trampoline for the first time.

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