Trick or Treat Noah as Deadpool

Trick or Treat Noah as Deadpool

Trick Or Treat Noah as Deadpool-Our good friend Christina who has her own makeup tutorial videos on youtube called “Unique Fx Makeup” She completed the look of Deadpool by using her own homemade body paint.

You can see in the video she starts off painting around the eyes with the white color to give the look of the eyes on Deadpool. The next step she drew a black line around the white part of the eye. She then fills in around the eyes with black color darkening it to look like more of the mask.

After finishing up the black around the eyes, she starts adding red paint to the whole face including the ears and neck to finish off the Deadpool look.

Trick Or Treat Noah as Deadpool


Trick Or Treat Noah as Deadpool

Painting face video

The full face painting looks so good as if it was a mask that he was wearing. Come take a look at the video to see the full tutorial and Noah’s trip on Halloween trick or treating.

Noah went to a few houses to get some candy for Halloween, there were lots of houses that were not giving out candy.

You should see some of the houses that were decorated with scary decorations. One particular house, Noah was scared and just grabbed the candy and took off to get away from the scary house.

If you are interested in getting this look, you can visit my friend Unique Fx Makeup on youtube to see all her Tutorials on glam makeup, scary makeup and everyday look makeup.

 In this video, you will see Noah getting ready for Halloween by dressing as Deadpool.

Unique Fx Makeup:

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