First Gingerbread House Kit

First Gingerbread House 


First Gingerbread House Kit: Today, I purchased a gingerbread house at the store for Noah to make. This is his first time making the gingerbread house. The house was easy to build if you make sure after putting on the frosting, you let it sit for thirty to forty minutes to dry, or the house will fall apart.

After taking out the gingerbread house from the box, you will get the house pieces, the icing and icing tips, a few packs of candies for the decorations. We will want to flip over the stand and add some icing to the bottom, to make the house stable for the building. Now we have iced the bottom of the stand, make sure to put some icing on both sides of the inside of the main pieces, this will then connect to the side walls.

Next, we will hold the icing pieces for five minutes, and let it sit for another ten minutes for the icing to become hard. Once the icing becomes hard, you can work on adding the icing on the top pieces which will become the roof of the house.

part 2

Once we have applied the icing to both sides of the roof, just let it sit for another ten minutes to dry. After all the pieces are done and are connected with the icing, we had to let the house set for three hours to make sure all the icing has time to dry. Once the icing has had time to dry, you can start decorating the house as you see fit.

Watch as Noah decorates his house how he wants. He loved to decorate the house. Loved adding the candy to the sides and to the roof. Next, the best thing is to eat the house, that will be the best part after making this house. Take a look at how Noah did on making this house, with a little help from his momma. Play the video below the post.

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