Easter Egg Hunt with Noah

Easter Egg Hunt 

Here Noah is coloring Easter eggs, for Easter Egg Hunt and then he will go look for the hidden eggs. Noah shows how to color Easter eggs and show how he hunts for Easter eggs, then he opens his easter basket. hunting for different egg colors. His dog named Abby, she stole one of his Easter eggs, trying to eat it with. You can see in the video when Abby stole the egg. In fact, Abby took one of the egg twice when one egg was laying on the ground.

Easter Egg Hunt

The basket was homemade, with lots of toys and candy. If you want to save money on your Easter baskets and want to have lots of toys for your kids, then I suggest making your own. Making your own Easter basket will save you money in the long run. You can pick up some cheap toys from Walmart, Target or even Big Lots. The basket you see in the video, I paid a little under $25 and that is including the basket and candy that is in the basket.

Take a look at the video to see how cute Noah was coloring the eggs, looking for the eggs and opening up his Easter basket.


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