Christmas Morning Opening Presents

Christmas Morning Opening Presents: Today is finally Christmas and its now time to open all the Christmas gifts that are under the tree. Noah has been looking forward to this day since last Christmas.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve, I let Noah open up one gift just before Christmas. Noah opened up the box that had his gift, he was surprised to see an emoji fidget spinner. Noah loves playing with fidget spinners, especially the ones that light up or glow in the dark.

Christmas Day

Christmas has finally arrived and its time to eat lots of food with family, and of course open up all the gifts. Noah has been bugging since all the presents showed up under the tree to open them up, I told him he needed to wait till today.

Now! that the bird is in the cooker, and all the sides are cooking in the oven, its the big moment to open up all the gifts Noah has been waiting for. The first gift Noah opened up was a mini speaker that will be connecting to his iPad as he loves to listen to music all day. The next gifts will be in the video below, tune in to the video to see what else Noah got for Christmas.[

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