Guava Juice Tub Tapper

Guava Juice Tub Tapper: Is a new Android and iOS game for all ages, this game was made by the fastest-growing YouTuber that goes by the name of Guava Juice.

If you know of the YouTube channel Guava Juice, you would know that he has made a song about this game telling its users to get the high score, you can get the song Here The song fits with the game.

About The Game

Join Guava Juice, one of the fastest-growing YouTubers EVER, in his very own OFFICIAL tapper game! Earn your way to billions of bubbles in an all-new guava-tastic adventure that’s overflowing with fun! Build hundreds of zany bathtubs to boost your bubbles! Fill old-timey wooden washtubs, swanky swimming pools, and HUGE lagoons with all kinds of wacky liquids! Start a soapy empire, unlock crazy upgrades, and pop your way to the top in this foam-filled fiesta!


Good Clean Fun – Tap, build, and automate bathtubs to become a bubble billionaire!

Endless Upgrades – Supercharge your tubs, unlock hundreds of amazing upgrades, and skyrocket bubble production!

Explosive MiniGames – Pop bubbles, blow up bath bombs, dig with the dog, and more!

Show Off Your Swag – Fill your world with 100 types of tubs, find exciting loot in Guava Juice Boxes, and collect over 40 iconic Guava Juice costumes!

World Adventure – Get tub-ducted by aliens to POWER UP and TURN BACK TIME!

Always Something New – With frequent updates and special holiday events, more sudsy goodness is always right around the corner!

Download For Apple & Android



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