Carousel Ride: Riding The Carousel With Nana

Carousel Ride: The Arizona Mills Mall food court, which features a colorful working carousel or a merry go round ride within its confines, was still decked out for Christmas. There was a small train that is green powered energy as “Green Technologies” is on the side of the train’s engine.

This was just parked outside of the food court, for people to ride the train which cost $6 per person to ride it. Not sure if the train is a year-round feature of the mall or if it’s just available to shoppers just during the Christmas holiday.

Carousel Ride In the Past

In the past when I was younger, I had visited this carousel. The last time I was here I rode a horse and I was just a few years old and I was with my father. I love this ride very much that I did not want to get off the ride. This carousel is a fancy merry go round ride for all kids and some adults.

Food Court

Where this ride is, is where the food court is located. In the food court, there are lots of different restaurants to choose from if you are feeling hungry after your ride. The best one is the Cinnabon restaurant because they have such great sweet treats.



Next to the food court and the merry go round is a small train that is green-powered, that gives shoppers a ride around the small for a small fee per person, its just $6 per person.
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