Simple Dimple Fidget Toy

Simple Dimple Fidget Toy Novelty Design: The popping toys has endless fun, just press the mouse bubbles down and they make a slight popping sound. Pushing bubble pop fidget toy has a quiet side and a loud side to pop, then flip it over and start again. The layers take turns pressing down any number of pop bubbles they wish in a single row. The player who presses down the last pop pop Bubble loses

Safe and Friendly Material: These tie dye novelty push pop fidget toys set are made of high quality safe silicone material with excellent craftsmanship, Endlessly reusable and washable. Relieve Stress Toys Pack of 4: Great resilient pop bubble fidget toys for killing boring time, have fun and keep focus, best push pop bubble sensory toy for an ADHD person.

Simple Dimple Fidget Toy

The among us version is really cool to play with, since I love the Among us, its super fun to play with them. I also got a few others that have watch bands that pop too.

How Simple Dimple Works:

Helps to reduce in symptoms: stress, restlessness, irritability, anxiety, tension and poor concentration, ect. Widely Occation: These sensory toys can be played in a car, plane, restaurant, camping, office, school, playground, desk etc.They also can be used to play games, as cup mat, frisbee, miniature novelty toy, decompression toy, etc.

Magical Game: Bright Tie-dye colors, shape and funny popping sound can stimulate sight, hearing and touch and become one of the most valuable parent-child games. This silicone squeeze toy helps relieve stress, restore your mood, and creates a fun atmosphere. The sensory bubble toy is a perfect home essential. Decompression games suitable for all ages.

Simple Dimple Fidget Toy

About Simple Dimple Toys

Provides endless hours of fidget fun! The two colorful and textured buttons are made of silicone. One touch and your fingers cant stop pushing, poking, and popping! Fidgety fingers just cant put it down! This little fidget toy is approx. 8cm x 4cm. Colors may vary. It is very suitable to promote  baby’s senses and relieve the stress of children and adults.

Material: Made of high-quality ABS plastic, with a smooth rubber surface and soft rubber buttons.

Easy to use: When you are under pressure, you can press two buttons to make a sound to promote tactile stimulation, calmness and concentration; A simple delight that’s hard to resist!

Easy to carry: Unique keychain, small size, light weight, Mini clip easily attaches to keys, purse, backpack.

Multifunctional: The toy can not only decompress, but also can be used for brain training to improve children’s memory, concentration, patience, logic, spatial thinking and hand flexibility.

It is very suitable to promote the baby’s senses and relieve the stress of children and adults.

Simple Dimple Fidget Toy

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