ASMR Mukbang Nerds, Skittles, Kraby Patties & Dr. Pepper

Here is another Mukbang Asmr review of me eating skittles, nerds, and Krabby patties, while drinking diet dr pepper. I love how these candies should be while eating with a nice microphone. I have tried doing this ASMR with other different foods and candies, to add to my ASMR collection.

If you have a favorite you want me to do, just drop a comment letting me know which foods to do in my next article.

ASMR & MukBang

If you don’t know what ASMR or mukbang is, it is where people eat different foods and treats while they are recording their videos or going live on their social media. There are so many different videos of many different people eating different things.

If you love watching ASMR videos, you should click on the video below, you will love the satisfying sounds of the candy and the sizzle of the dr pepper.

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