Modern Christmas Tree Decorating

Modern Christmas Tree Decorating: Today, Noah decided to put up and decorate the Christmas Tree with his Nana. This is an artificial Christmas tree with flock to make it look more like a tree from the snow. If you love real Christmas trees, you can find Xmas tree farm near me in google maps.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Decorating is fun if you use a modern Christmas tree and ornaments, as you can see all the decorations used when putting all of them on the tree. The best part of decorating the tree was adding the candy canes to the tree.

black and silver Christmas tree is what we wanted to do, but the recent out of stock of the colorful decorations made it hard to do the black and silver theme. We are hoping next Christmas, we can do the black and silver theme.

When we were shopping for our tree, we came across the Christmas palm tree all lighted up. The Christmas Palm is very beautiful, most people in Florida will these trees all decorated for the holidays.


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