Happy Meal Toy Surprise

Happy Meal Yo-Kai Toy 


Happy Meal Toy Surprise: McDonalds Happy Meal Yo-Kai Watch, Today we took Noah to get a Happy Meal Yo-Kai Toy. McDonald’s is one of Noah’s favorite places to eat, he loves to order a happy meal. Inside his happy meal was a Yo Kai toy mask, this one was the red and white mask.

Noah likes to go to McDonald’s to see what toy he might receive in his happy meal. Last time he had received a gargoyle toy. Every time we take Noah to McDonald’s, there is a different toy from a different cartoon.

There was not much to this mask, only that it goes on his head and the eyes were cut out. The look of this mask was similar to the cartoon PJ masks and close to the character cat boy but in the red color.

McDonald’s And Their Toys

With new kids movies coming up, he is hoping to get some cool toys, he wanted to get some of the smurfs toys, but they did run out of stock and the promotion for them had expired, maybe next time they make another movie, they will bring them back out to McDonald’s.


Happy Meal Toy Surprise

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