Plasticine Kids Molding Clay

Here is some Plasticine Kids Molding Clay, that is much like play-doh only cheaper. This molding clay is much lighter and easier to make your design molds.

If you love Play-Doh, then you will love Plasticine molding clay. As soon as Noah opened it up, he loved playing with the clay. Now he can make his favorite creations with ease.

Here is some information on this kit


  • 24 Colors. Box size: 11cm * 13cm * 20cm.
  • It is extremely soft and flexible, no smell and non-toxic, easy to shape and non-sticky on our hands.
  • The clay is easy to shape, bend and stretch. the magic clay takes 24 hours to fully harden.
  • Mixed different colors can create extra colors. The kit comes with 24 colors that are easily blendable to give you lots of color possibilities.
  • With those air drying clay, children and child can DIY create hundreds of kinds of fruits shapes or cartoons structures or models for playing.

The perfect way to cultivate your kids’ creativeness and imagination, too! Better for kids above 3. Color: 24 Colors Box size: 11cm * 13cm *20 cm Warning: The product non-toxic and environmental protection, but please wash your hands after use to pay attention to health.

To fully knead the product before use. The product should be sealed to avoid direct sunlight. If there is a hard surface when using, please spray a little water.

After completed, please dry naturally, without heating drying. Not suitable for children under the age of three, beware of children swallowed. Easy to mix color, different colors should be kept separately.

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24 Colors Plasticene Ultra Light Modeling Clay

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