Slimy Gloop Slimy Sand Full Review

Slimy Gloop Slimy Sand is a super cool sand that is like slime with out the stickiness and super soft sand that feel like Marshmallows. Get your hands on this slimy, stretchy mixture that moves like slime but feels like kinetic sand, and you’ll have all kinds of fun! Squeeze it, slice it, stretch it, and shape it using anything you have around your house.

Do you like watching those videos where they are cutting the sand and it makes that sound that is satisfying? Well this is the same sand they use in their videos on You Tube. The videos are called “most satisfying sounds” when you stack up the slimy sand and use a tool like a butter knife, you can hear the same sounds that are heard on youtube.

Slimy Gloop Slimy Sand

About Slimy Sand

Mold it. Stretch it. Expand it! Immerse yourself in the ultimate sensory experience with 1.5 lbs. of pre-made Blue Raspberry. As soon as you reach in and grab your berry scented from the reusable bucket, you’ll feel the difference. It molds like sand and stretches like SLIMYGLOOP! Pack it into your favorite shape, let it run through your fingers, or crush your creations and watch them expand SLIMYGLOOPSLIMYSAND doesn’t just make for a less-mess sensory experience, it allows for hours and hours of open-ended play! Collect every color and combine with impression plates, clay tools, and more! Recommended for ages 3 and up.

SlimyGloop from Horizon Group USA is one of the neetist things your child will ever play with. It’s a slime that creates slime kits like you’ve never seen before. SlimyGloop’s hands-on slime kits are inspired by kids and creative. They believe in appealing to all little ones with different varieties of slime for all interests. One of the best things about SlimyGloop is that not only is it pure fun but it also helps your child to practice their fine motor and sensory skills. This slime is virtually a mess free slime.


Stretches, molds, and takes shape — grab a handful, press it into any of the included molds, flip it onto your play area, and lift to reveal your creations!  Squish, twist, stretch and squeeze, Crush, expand and impress your sand with any thing. Hassle-free and easy to clean up — just play inside the box and build your sandscapes!


Sensory Play, Open-Ended Play, Imaginative Play and Independent Play.

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