Crayola Scented Bath Slime: Slime Bath Time

Crayola Scented Bath Slime is super fun to play with when it’s bath time. When using this bath slime, its suppose to make your bath tub so slimy like real slime. All you have to do is just add the slime to your bath and enjoy playing with slime while taking a bath. Having tons of fun playing with slime, without have all the mess to clean up.

What is Bath Slime

What is Slime Bath? Slime Bath turns your bath into a gooey, oozy bath of slime! By just adding more water, the slime can be diluted into colorful water that can be easily drained away. Slime Baff has quickly proven itself to be one of our best-selling products and is also available in a range of exciting colors and effects.


What Is In the Crayola Slime Kit

Kit Includes: (2) Crayola Bath Slime Cherry Berry Scented Soap 3.6oz (2) Crayola Bath Slime Blue Berry Blue Scented Soap 3.6oz (1) Crayola Bath Slime Wacky Watermelon Scented Soap 3.6oz (1) Crayola Bath Slime Gallopin Grape Scented Soap 3.6oz


How To Make Bath Slime

Slime Making!

Run the taps with warm water

When the bath has reached a quarter full and with the taps still running sprinkle the powder slowly under the running water

After sprinkling the powder continue to fill the bath to just under half full and turn taps off

Bath Time!

Warning: Slime Baff will be SLIPPERY so take care entering the bath

The slime will get thicker and thicker the more you mix it into the water

Have fun in the bath with the slime

Slime Removal!

Stay in the bath and turn the taps back on to water down the slime for a couple of minutes

Pull the waste plug and turn of the taps. The slime will run down the waste pipe easily and is environmentally friendly

We recommend that when your Slime Baff bath is empty, stay sitting down and fill the bath again and have a normal bath using your favourite bubble bath to remove the slime residue

Whilst other methods of removing the residue from your body, such as using a shower head, can be used, it is advised that you take caution when manoeuvring inside the bath as it will be very slippery!

Opinion of the Bath Slime

When we put in the slime into the bath, we did not get tons of slime into the bath, we only got some bubbles and it smelted really good. We were hoping of having it more like slime than bubble bath. Maybe we needed to add in more bath slime into the bath, maybe next time we will add in all of the slime packs into the bath tub.

Parent Tips

ECO FRIENDLY: Slime Baff is biodegradable and is skin safe, drain safe, easy clean and stain free

GREAT FUN: Slime Baff turns bath time into fun time as it turns water into slime

SENSORY PLAY: Slime Baffs unique texture is perfect for messy and multi-sensory play

UK MADE: Proudly made in the UK to strict European safety standards

MULTI USE: Use just one quarter of the bag to create up to 10 litres of slime for use in a bowl

EASY DRAIN: Just add more water to turn back to water to easily drain away

Dos and Don’ts

For maximum fun follow the laws of Slime Bath!

Not recommended for children under 5 years of age unless supervised by an adult. Don’t put too much water in the bath

Enjoy Slime Bath sitting down. Slime is slippery!

Don’t eat Slime Bath. It’s not nice and just like regular soap, if you get Slime Bath in your eyes it could sting, so make sure to rinse it out with plenty of clear water

Don’t forget to wash the slime out of your hair


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