Rule The Sky Android & iOS Kids Game

Rule The Sky Game Android & iOS Are you looking for a good game for your kids to play? This game is all age-friendly. You can build up your float and get a bigger castle for your place.

Rule the Sky is a mobile social game where you can rule your own floating island (called ‘Flotia’) in the sky along with your friends.

Grow your crops to make money to purchase all your goods and build up your island. Look to see what else you can add to your community. Here is a little information about the game, then at the bottom, you will have the download links for Android and iOS devices.


Meet various celebrities at Rule the Sky.
There are Super Junior decoration items and Spy buildings modeled after the Super Junior’s SPY. You are able to listen to the Super Junior members’ messages by touching the Decorations items.

Rule your own floating island in the sky. Enjoy decorating five different theme-islands: ‘Flotia’, ‘Glory’, ‘Wonder’, ‘Zombie’ and ‘Flori’!

Enjoy the game with your friends as you visit your friends’ Flotias and care for their crops and buildings, your island will be developed quicker. Raining in your region? Then you will also see rainfall in your ‘Flotia’ as well! Your island may seem quiet and peaceful, but sometimes a small ruckus is created by zombies, spies, and aliens!


Including roads, fences, decorations, and buildings, more than 200 different items exist that allow you to make your ‘flotia’ more fantastic! Activities that allow social interaction: favoring my friends’ buildings for rewards; caring my friends’ farms and fruit trees; buying Defender items to keep my crops from rotting and being stolen.

You can manage your island by constructing and decorating buildings and harvesting crops and actively interact with your friends as well. There are mini-games, such as Finding spies, eradicating zombies, and Alien attacks.
Interactive environment where you can move clouds and make it rain to fertilize your farms.

Switch from sun shining days to aurora filled nights according to your real life time!
All residents in your Flotia have different personalities, and each will respond differently to your action. Upgrade your Castle & Territory to expand your island and receive extra Experience points too!

Supported with 8 different languages: English, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, French, German and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).

[Rule The Sky Game By NEST]

Our own mobile social game platform where you can search for friends. Nationality information is now shown on Nest list! Know where your friends are from.

If you have a Facebook account, connect to Facebook and post on your Facebook Wall; and find friends listed in Facebook contacts.

Now available: sending messages and uploading posts on the message boards for a better relationship with your friends.[

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Rule The Sky Android & iOS Kids Game

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