Little Panda’s Jewel Quest Android

Little Panda’s Jewel Quest: Android is a great kids game for all ages. Hi Kids, welcome to this new game and challenging adventure! For this jewel quest, you’ll need your courage and your brain! Come help defeat the evil witch. Watch as Noah plays the game to defeat the evil witch and gain more starts at each level

The evil witch has destroyed everything on the earth. To defeat the witch and restore world peace, little panda warrior must seek mythical creatures and collect five magic jewels.

The wicked witch has cast a spell on them, Join little panda warrior, complete each level, save the mythical creatures and gain magic jewels!

Download Little Panda’s Jewel Quest, and get started! Don’t forget your armor and weapon! Here are some great features of the game

Game content:
Equip cool armor and awesome weapon as you embark on this jewel quest! Become a brave warrior and help mythical creatures! Make good use of basic shapes to build the roads during jewel quest!

Solve multiple obstacle problems and complete all levels to gain jewels! Defeat the evil witch and maintain world peace!

To download the game to your Android device, just click on the link below.

Download Link:



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