Roblox Piggy Chapter 1: How To Escape Piggy

Roblox Piggy Chapter 1 Piggy is a survival horror game created by MiniToon, as a parody of both Granny and Peppa Pig. In this game, players can either be a survivor or be Piggy. The goal of the survivors is to complete different objectives and escape while avoiding Piggy before the timer runs out. Piggy’s goal is to kill all players, or at least prevent the players from escaping. There are currently nine chapters the players can play in.


Pistol: Found in the purple safe in the underground hallway (outside)

Green Key: on a table near the starting room, a table in the kitchen, or on a table near the back door

Red Key: in the room with a green lock, hallway right of the front door.

Blue Key: 3rd floor in the room for the red key.

Hammer: laser room, garage, on the bench next to the tunnel (in the house), shed, or in the green key room

Wrench: blue key room, red key room, or on the bench near the tunnel (in the house end)

Yellow Key: shed, in the corner of the 3rd floor, or in the garage under a grey shelf

Key Code: in the basement in the yellow safe

White Key: in the well, after you put all the gears in the shed, it’ll rise up from the well

Purple Key: found in the bathroom behind the door, in the kitchen, or in the basement

Plank: on the shower floor, in the blue key room, or between the house and the side of the shed

Red Gear: by the dining table, on a circular table in the living room

Green Gear: laser room, garage, or on the bench near the purple safe[


Download Piggy Chapter 1


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