Roblox Piggy Chapter 9: How To Escape The Pig

Roblox Piggy Chapter 9: Piggy is a survival horror game created by MiniToon, as a parody of both Granny and Peppa Pig. In this game, players can either be a survivor or be Piggy. The goal of the survivors is to complete different objectives and escape while avoiding Piggy before the timer runs out. Piggy’s goal is to kill all players, or at least prevent the players from escaping. There are currently nine chapters the players can play in.


Items are objects and tools that a player can carry around and use. Players can only carry a single item. If a player tries to grab another item while already carrying one, the player will drop the item they are currently holding from their inventory and replace it with the new one. When someone that already had an item got killed by Piggy, the item will randomly respawn somewhere else unless it always spawns in the same place. Some items are consumed when used. This game is very fun to play, how many of you can escape the piggy? Have lots of friends in Roblox? you can play with them to be the piggy.

Roblox Piggy Chapter 9

You arrive on a rooftop. Pony says that he sees a safe place. It’s confirmed by Zizzy there is other people inside of the building. You, Pony, and Zizzy need to find a way in. Once getting past the gate Zizzy ask what you were doing before all this. You confirm that you are a police officer. The pony was trying to become an optometrist like his father and Zizzy was a fencing coach. Zizzy has sisters she also taught fencing. It’s confirmed that her sisters are in a safe place too. Zizzy asks how you ended up in the Carnival and you tell her that you were looking for Mr. P to stop him because he has been giving out potions that turn you into the infected. Zizzy tells you to stay at the safe place for a while. From the trash bin you hear noises. Assuming someone is watching you, you and Zizzy check it out. Pony stays behind saying: “Stay Safe..”[

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