Mecor Ergonomic Kids Chair

Mecor Ergonomic Kids Blue Chair

Mecor Ergonomic Kids Chair 


Mecor Ergonomic Kids Chair: Is a great kids chair for their school dest, will fit your child like a glove, with an adjustable height. With this chair, you can raise the chair up or down with just a press of a button, so if your child is small, they can use this chair on the lower setting.

Ergonomic design promotes good posture for children; Vent hole mesh material makes good air circulation, perfect for your kids to study.

ABS Snap-in brake caster for easy mobility. Safety: gravity self-locking design, when the child is seated, the wheels will lock automatically, and will automatically unlock.

This Mecor Ergonomic Kids Chair is made of high-quality memory sponge foam, which is able to disperse hip pressure effectively, provides optimum comfort for a long time.

Your kids will love this chair as it is comfy and give great support to an aching back.

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To purchase this chair, click on the link below, it is available in two different colors, pink and blue.



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