Elmer’s GlueDonut Shop Slime Unboxing & Review

Elmer’s Donut Shop Slime is super fun to play with, if you love playing with kinetic sand you will love playing with slime. This slime from Elmer’s is not sticky at all, and the smell is very fruity. I love the smell of all the slims from Elmer’s glue, none of them are stinky at all, in fact I love the smell of these two slimes, it makes me crave chocolate.

After seeing all the reviews done on Amazon and youtube about this set of slime smelling stinky, I would have to disagree with their comment about it smelling. This set of slime smells pretty good to me, the frosted donut smells like chocolate and the cookies & creme smells like ice cream.

What Makes Elmer’s Glue Not Sticky?

For it to be less sticky, they have added contact lens solution. contact lens solution help reduce the stickiness of the slime. There are other recipes you can use to reduce the stickiness, like you can use the activator made by Elmer’s glue to help with stickiness.

Elmer's Glue Mixed Slime

How To Make Elmer’s Slime At Home

Use the bottles of Elmer’s White School Glue and 1½ TBSP baking soda in a bowl. Add desired amount of food coloring, then add 3 TBSP contact lens solution and mix until slime begins to form. Take slime out of bowl and begin kneading with both hands. If needed, add ¼ TBSP contact lens solution to make slime less sticky.

What is the science behind glue slime?

The specifics of how a type of slime works depends on its chemical composition, but the basic explanation is that chemicals are mixed to form polymers. … Hydrogen bonds form between the borate ion and the OH groups of the polyvinyl alcohol molecules from the glue, linking them together to form a new polymer

Elmer's Glue Mixed Slime

Elmer's Glue Mixed Slime


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