Night Owl Slime Elmer’s Glue Premade Slime

Night Owl Slime is another slime made by Elmer’s glue company. If you use Elmer’s glue, then you know they have many different flavors and smell to their ready made slime. I like playing with the Elmer’s Glue slime because they mostly smell fruity and they are not too sticky, just the right amount of fun in a jar.

About The Night Owl Slime

Try not to stay up too late playing with Elmer’s Gue Night Owl Pre made Slime. It’s a glow-in-the-dark slime that shines when the lights go out, making it hard to put down. Plus, its safe, nontoxic formula makes it great for kids. Stretch it, squish it, twist it explore all the fun ways to play with Elmer’s Gue for slime fun.

Elmer's Glue Night Owl Slime

Elmer’s Gue | Night Owl Glow in the Dark

Play with your slime anytime, even in the dark, with Elmer’s Gue Night Owl! It’s a glow-in-the-dark pre-made slime that comes to life when the lights go out. Plus it’s scented, exciting all of your senses. Elmer’s Gue is a pre-made slime that’s ready to play—no glue or activator needed! And its safe, nontoxic formula makes it ideal for kids! Ready to play straight from the jar, it’s Glow-in-the-dark, scented slime and is Safe, nontoxic.
Elmer's Glue Night Owl Slime


Pre-Made Slime:

With pre-made slime, the fun comes straight out of the jar. No need to make your own slime, it’s ready to play!

Night Owl:

Delight all of your senses with this scented slime that glows in the dark!

Safe, Nontoxic:

Parents trust Elmer’s for specially formulated safe and nontoxic products. They’re great for kids!
Elmer's Glue Glow In The Dark Slime

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