My PlayHome Stores Game

My PlayHome Stores Game: Here is my new game called My PlayHome Stores. This is a fun game to play, you can go to different stores. In the clothing store, you can purchase some clothes with real money that you get from the ATM Machine in the street,

You can go to the ice cream shop and have some yummy ice scream from different flavors. Choose a cone, and add one too many scoops of ice cream on the cone. You interested in a freezy drink? you can make some freezy drinks of four different flavors.

Need to purchase some food? Well! you can stop at the grocery store and pick up the items you need. At the grocery store, you can buy milk, cereal, eggs, juice, toilet paper, pizza, and many more items.

The items will scan on the scanner then put into the shopping bag to add to your shopping cart.

This game sounds fun huh? well don’t take my word on that, just download the game to see all the fun you can have with this game.

I love this game, it’s one of a few that I have that I enjoy playing. If you want this game, you can download it below.

Download Links:PlayStore


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