Google Home Hub Review

Google Home Hub Review: Get a new virtual helper with this interactive Google Nest Hub device. Its 7-inch contact-display screen display helps you to view cutting-edge reminders, movement films and watch your smart security digicam’s photos via Google Assistant. The integrated speakers and microphones of this Google Nest Hub device have a ways-discipline voice reputation for handy hands-unfastened control.


The Google Home Hub touchscreen is responsive and works well in aggregate with Google Assistant, whether you ask for help on a recipe or check what is on your calendar. Pictures and films appearance especially crisp thanks to an ambient mild sensor that adapts the screen brightness and warmth to in shape the room. A manipulate panel screen makes it clean to arrange and manipulate your clever domestic devices.

Google Nest Hub


Help at a glance: Google Nest Hub facilitates you’re making the maximum of moments at domestic.

Command your day: With Voice Match, get your calendar, go back and forth, reminders, and greater right on the house screen. You may even watch the information, make a shopping listing, and location calls to friends, own family, and nearby corporations.¹

Simplify your smart home: Voice manages well-matched lights, cameras, TVs, and more from a single dashboard. Works with Nest and 5000+ clever gadgets from four hundred+ popular brands.

7-inch contact display: View greater information and content material at a look, clear and crisp.

Google Nest Hub

Answers for any second: Ask questions and get visible, immersive solutions from Google on climate, recipes, local commercial enterprise facts, and more. You may even watch useful films on YouTube.

Play your favored songs: Use your voice to play your favorite songs, albums, artists, and music videos from YouTube Music. You can also pay attention to Spotify and Pandora. All available unfastened.

Relive your reminiscences: Use your voice to expose any photograph you’ve ever taken in Google Photos. And with Live Albums, usually, view today’s photographs of cherished ones.

Google Home Hub

Calling: to be had for US and Canadian home calls simplest, now not inclusive of 911 calls and top-rate numbers.

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Google Home Hub

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