Cra Z Slimy Pre Made Kids Playing Slime

Cra Z Slimy Pre Made Slime is a pre made slime read to use, I do just warn you that this slime is sticky. To less the stickiness, I suggest using a little bit of water. This brand has any different colors like green, blue, orange and pink. If you love playing with Slime, you will love this one. See how far you can stretch it, squeeze, smash it and poke it.

Cra Z Slimy

Experiment with the different colors changing colourant to create your own amazing creations. You can make it your way, this slimes are quality checked and made with safe fun in mind. It’s an Ooey gooey, colorful stretchy fun, it encourages STEM learning among younger kids.


Cra z Slimy

Is CRA Z slim toxic?

The Cra Z Slimy slime is non toxic and does not use any Borax in any of their slimes, so its completely free from harm to your children. CRA Z Art slime is made of Glue and Dish soap, witch is not toxic and will not harm your child.

My Thoughts About The Slime

After playing with the slime for a while, I would say that its a bit too sticky for me. To remove the stickiness, I just added a little bit of water to get rid of the stickiness. I also heard you can use the slime activator to remove the stickiness from the slime.

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