Asmr Mukbang Fruit By The Foot & Walnuts

Today I am going to do my first asmr mukbang video, I am going to be eating some walnuts and fruit by the foot starburst. I have seen many people do these videos, I have always wanted to do my own since they are so satisfying to hear as long as they eat with their mouths closed.

There are so many foods I can choose from to put them in my videos. I live eating sushi, dumplins, chips, jello and almost every candy they have in the store. I am hoping to get my hands on some english candy, as they say they have less sugar and more cocoa in the candy….Mmm its sounds tasty too.

Asmr Mukbang

In my videos, I not only want to eat jello and ice like all the others do, but eat my favorite snacks too. I hoping I will get a lot of likes on my videos, I am just starting out so it might take me some time to do the asmr mukbang videos while I get used to doing them.

If you enjoy watching these asmr mukbang videos, you can check out my video below. Today I will be eating some walnuts with fruit by the foot and drinking some of my favorite drink…Mountain dew, this flavor is called major melon. I cant wait to do my next video, I love to eat anything sweet and sour.

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