ASMR MukBang Chocolate, Tic Tac & Mountain Dew

Today I am going to do another ASMR MukBang video, in this video I will be eating the Pez candies, a chocolate bar that looks like a Christmas dollar bill, some tic tac’s and some mountain dew to wash it all down.

Asmr Mukbang

if you don’t know what asmr or mukbank is, it is where people eat different foods and treats while they are recording their video or going live on their social media. There are so many different video of many different people eating different things.

I have just started my journey in this field, so it will take me a few tries before I can get it down perfectly. I hope you enjoy my videos, if you do, make sure to subscribe to my website. Subscribing to my site will allow you to get the newest updated of my released videos.

Check out my new Jello ASMR Mukbang video below.

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